Introduction and Invitation

Bubbles in a seasonal stream

Bubbles in a seasonal stream

“Rivers, like leaves, occur everywhere.  The law of currents holds everywhere.  The stream of water and the stream of thought are similar, geology offers hints about the landscape of mind.”

Robert Richardson, Henry Thoreau:  A Life of the Mind

The major Religions of our World are much like creeks, streams, rivers, pools, ponds, lakes.  Each originally bubbled up from a specific geographic point on the spinning globe, flowing across the planet we call our Common Home.  Religion, like Spirituality, is potentially fluid, carrying particles, nutrients, elements of understanding life and our part in Life.  When they are alive, Religions can be a force for good and a source of practical wisdom.  In this course we will only put our hands in the current of selected spiritual traditions to get a feel for the wisdom they may offer.

You are invited to participate in this overview no matter what faith, if any, you choose. Your views and questions are valuable regardless of how much you already know or don’t know.  There are no prerequisites to this course other than an openness to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Welcome to the adventure of exploration along the living waterways of wisdom.  May you be refreshed and re-energized in your own daily practice of wisdom.


“As is the use of a well of water where water everywhere overflows,

such is the use of all the [Scriptures] to the one who sees the Source.”

~Bhagavad Gita, 2:46